Is Moisture Ruining Your Roof?

Is Moisture Ruining Your Roof?

Find out for sure with our infrared thermography services

Without the right equipment, it can be difficult to figure out the location of a roof leak. Fortunately, Old South Construction has access to infrared thermography.

We’re licensed and certified to use an infrared camera to take pictures of your roof. We’ll use the technology to identify any moisture that’s trapped under the surface of your roof. You can use our findings to make sure your roof is repaired efficiently.

Call us right away at 334-328-2211 to schedule infrared thermography services.

Hire us for re-roofing jobs

Our infrared thermography services can be used for re-roofing and commercial roofing installation jobs. Since we’re one of the leading companies that offers infrared thermography, we make sure it’s done according to the highest standards.

You can trust us to spot the smallest leaks in your roof so you can get repairs done quickly. Don’t let moisture shorten your roof’s lifespan. Reach out to us now for accurate infrared thermography services.